4 reasons why this singleton loves Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day I do agree is a hallmark holiday set up to make us spend spend spend, but over the years I have grown to like this day for all the reasons I used to hate it.

The story of St Valentine has many versions, as many versions as google tabs I have open right now. However as I am in a romantic mood right now, so I am gonna go with this one- St Valentine was a Christian martyr who was killed on February 14th AD269 for marrying soldiers to their loved ones, even though it was forbidden at the time. Despite being a priest, St Valentine was rumoured to be in love with his jailors daughter, sending her love letters often. Love broke every rule according to St Valentine, and love conquered all, which I feel even today, centuries later, can make your heart skip a beat!

For us Irish folk, St Valentine is even more special as his remains have been kept in a shrine in Whitefriar St church, in Dublin city. Pre Covid, the shrine was often visited by singletons (yes, I did visit), and couples too, who asked St Valentine to bless their love. So next time you think of visiting Ireland, drinking Guinness, taking in the scenery, don’t forget to take a visit to St Valentine too!

I love love, I really do. Nothing is more beautiful to see than people hugging, holding hands, laughing together, embracing the love they share, and I mean platonic love as much as romantic love. For me Valentine’s Day would be a day to hide away if I was single, which was often, but then I remembered that love can be self-love, love of friends and family, love of your cute little pets, and love of your favourite tv show, today is all about doing what makes you happy, and embracing love with whoever is in your heart. Ok, enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get down to why I actually like this holiday:

1. The atmosphere- shops fill up with cute teddies, heart shaped chocolates, flowers of all shades of red, there’s just a nice little love buzz around, and this is even more satisfying in times of lockdown. You see people buying gifts for loved ones, smushy stuff all over social media, romantic movies are all on tv, even though it’s a totally commercialised day, I like the love ambiance that exists for St Valentine’s Day.

2. The goods- like I said, the shops are filled with great love themed confectionary and useless teddies and trinkets, all of which I totally buy for me, because aint no love like self-love. I bought myself a bunch of roses, a chocolate teddy holding a heart, and I re-watched the notebook for the tenth time, thank you Valentine for making all this possible.

3. The declarations of love-even though I am a single lady, I have had numerous texts today wishing me love and happiness on Valentine’s Day. Even if it is a made up holiday, I love receiving love and best wishes off my family and friends, I love sending cute gifs to everyone on whats app, and sending my god daughter a teddy and rose pretending to be her secret admirer. If today is seen as an excuse to show love, then I think we need a V-Day every month!

4. Self-love- Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love, and who better to share it with than yourself. I have eaten my favourite breakfast, ate cake watching Netflix, went on a walk in the afternoon sun, danced to Beyonce, and I’ve still got the whole evening to do whatever sets my heart alight! Today I check in with me, remind myself of all my successes and triumphs, and feel gratitude in my heart for all I am and all I dream of. You go girl!

Whether you celebrate St Valentine’s day or not, know you are loved, you are amazing, and you deserve 10 bunches of roses for just being you! P.s they’ll all be half off tomorrow in the supermarket ;)

Love and compassion,

Lisa. D x




An eternal optimist, content creation from my heart & soul, marketing by day, manifesting by night. Irish with dreams bigger than this whole island.

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Lisa Downey

Lisa Downey

An eternal optimist, content creation from my heart & soul, marketing by day, manifesting by night. Irish with dreams bigger than this whole island.

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